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1. How old is your website?
Less than a year old.
More than 1 year, but less than 3 years.
I’m not sure, does it really matter?
I don’t know, but I’d like to, how can I find out?
3 years or longer.
2. Do you have your own domain name?
Yes, it belongs to me/my organization.
No, I/we link from another organization’s website only.
I really just don’t know, how can I find out?
What’s a domain name?
3. Does your website clearly convey the purpose of the site? (whether it be sales, collection of data, education, call to action, etc)
Yes, the site clearly conveys the mission of the entity owning the website.
No, it isn’t obvious what our organization does, or what action we’d like the audience to take.
Heck, I’m not even sure what the website’s purpose is!
How can the purpose of the website be defined?
4. How much does the website resemble your off-site presence? Does your site look like the rest of your business communications and promotions, accurately reflect your professionalism, experience and professional image?
This can’t be very important, it’s just a website.
No, it looks totally different than anything else done for the organization.
Yes, the site does a great job in reflecting the organization’s off-line presence to our online audience.
Not sure about a “presence”, but maybe there should be. How do we do it?
5. Do you have definitive goals for your website? (site traffic, sales, bookings, database population, etc)
Yes there are definitive goals for the website.
No, is it important to have goals?
Who needs goals? We just wanted to be online.
Setting goals for the website seems like a difficult thing to do, how is it done?
6. How often do you review your website’s performance, appearance, content and success?
Once a month or more.
Once every couple of months.
About once a year.
Why should the site be reviewed? It’s just fine the way it is.
How do I go about reviewing my website’s performance?
7. How does your website measure up to the competition in search results, clarity and ease of use?
Great, we’ve done an excellent job in outdoing our competition!
Not very well, they have a much better web presence than we do.
Who cares about the competition?!
How do we know who the competition is?
8. Does your website convert visitors to customers effectively?
Yes, we have great success in translating visitors into “customers”.
No, I think we’re doing something wrong because so far the website just hasn’t been very successful thus far.
It doesn’t matter, at least we have a website!
How do I figure out how well the website is achieving my goals?
9. Does your website meet the expectations and needs of your audience?
Yes, the expectations of our audience are met with the right amount of available web-based technology, content and tools.
No, I think we fall short, but don’t know what else we could do.
We don’t need to be worried about what the audience wants, the website suits us just fine
How do you know when you are meeting your audience’s expectations?
10. How often do you update content or features on your website?
I’m not sure, how do I find out?
11. Are you building a database of customers and/or visitors of your site?
Yes, we have a database of information.
No, but we’d like to.
There is no value in this for our website.
I have no idea, how do I find out?
12. How often do you communicate through email to your customers?
Once a day
Once a week
A couple of times a month
A couple of times a year
Once a year
We don’t have an email list, should we build one?
13. How easy is it for your audience to find your website on the various search engines?
Great, the website appears on the first results page.
There’s room for much improvement, how can search engine results be improved?
This is not important to the success of my website or offline mission.
I’ve never checked, how should I go about evaluating this?
14. Does your website support off-line operations? (customer service, sales, accounting, inventory management, etc).
Yes, the website does a fine job of supporting off-line operations.
No, but it would probably be helpful. Where do we begin?
There is no reason to do this at this time
I had no idea they could be integrated, how is this done?
15. If you were to give your website a rating from 1-100 (1 being the lowest, 100 being the highest) What score would you give your website?
90-100, Grade = A
78-89, Grade = B
66-77, Grade = C
56-65, Grade = D
55 or below, Grade = F

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